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Worldwide Cost of Living Survey
Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit

Canada's Fastest Growing Companies
Source: Profit Magazine

Guide: BC Breweries
Source: BC Business

Processing Times

Labour Market Impact Assessments:
10 days

Work Permit renewals submitted on-line:
16 days

BC Provincial Nominee applications:
14-16 weeks


Think About it

Overhauled: LMO's (Labour Market Opinions) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Source: Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC)

ESDC unveiled the new temporary foreign worker program on June 20, 2014. The changes are hefty and include a name change from LMO to LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and carry a much greater emphasis on jobs for Canadians. Employers must provide specific details on the Canadians/Permanent Residents who applied and why they were not chosen. Employers must also submit a transition plan to explain how they plan to wean themselves from the foreign worker. The application processing fee was increased to $1000 per position.

New: Stricter rules for Intra-company Transfers (specialized knowledge)

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC announced new guidelines for companies wanting to obtain intra-company transferee work permits for specialized knowledge workers. The defintion of specialized knowledge worker now requires an employee to have an advanced level of company knowledge that is unique within the company and industry. The employee must report to a manager in Canada and must be paid the prevailing wage or higher.

Updated: International Student regulations

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC finalized new rules for International Students' study permits and work permits. The changes include allowing students to work while awaiting the processing of their post-graduation work permit and allowing students to work off campus without a separate work permit document.

Coming: New Permanent Residency program

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC will be replacing the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker and Trades programs as well as portions of the provincial nominee programs in January 2015. The new program, called Express Entry, will allow CIC to select applicants who have skills and experience that would most benefit Canada. Applicants complete a mini application and those who are best suited to Canada's future needs are invited to go through the full permanent residency process.

Updated: Canadian Experience Class caps

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC updated the caps for the Canadian Experience Program. There is an overall cap of 8000 applications and sub-caps of 200 for each NOC level B occupatoin. The number of applications received in each NOC B occupation is now on-line.

Comparison: CIC application fees with other countries

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC compares the new visitor, study and work permit fees with those of the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Article: Would Canadians move for a job?

Source: CTV News

Ipsos Reid asked 2000 Canadians if they've relocate for a job and most said No. Those willing to move wanted financial incentives to do so.

Article: Divorce during a relocation assignment

Source: Weichert Workforce Mobility

This article looks at the practical considerations for maritial distress during a relocation assignment.


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Learning and Sharing

We've been doing our best to keep up with
the latest changes and virtually attending CAPIC's seminars on the BC Provincial Nominee Program and the latest on the Labour Market Opinion process.

Think Ahead

Conference: Talent Mobility: A force of change in the new world of work

Host: Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC)
Date: September 22 - 24, 2014

The annual CERC conference for members and non-members will be held in Whistler, BC this year.

Coming soon: Immigration Basics (new)

Hosts: Think Relocation Consulting and Global Steps Relocation Consulting
Target date: Fall 2014

We have been busy re-working our popular Immigration Basics workshop. Our new expanded workshop will include the latest on the gruelling LMIA process, intra-company transferees and provide greater details on permanent residency options, such as the Canadian Experience Class.


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Think Tank

Who's training whom?

We all have those Groundhog Day type situations where we keep seeing the same "mistake" repeated time and time again. It might be the spouse who keeps putting on the toilet paper roll on the "wrong" way. Or the co-worker who keeps typing their emails in ALL CAPS. Or the guitar teacher who keeps starting your class late. We give them constructive feedback. We ask politely. But it keeps happening again and again.

Then you wonder...are they ever going to change their habits? Is it driving you so insane that you just take matters into your own hands? Are you changing the toilet paper roll everytime you see it on "wrong"? Are you correcting your co-workers' emails before you forward them to clients? Are you leaving later for your guitar class? If so, then you have to wonder, who's the one receiving the training? It would appear that your spouse, co-worker, or guitar teacher is the one that's trained you to accept their habit. Clever them.

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