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Canada's Top 100 Employers
Source: MediaCorp Canada

Global Happiness Report
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Child Well-Being
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Processing Times

Labour Market Opinions applications at Service Canada BC:
8-10 weeks

Work Permit renewals submitted on-line:
19 days

BC Provincial Nominee applications:
12-14 weeks


Think About it

New: Increased fees for Work, Study and Visitor Permits

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC has slightly increased the fees for work permits ($5 increase), study permits ($25 increase) and visitor permits ($25 increase). Permanent residence fees remain unchanged.

New: Labour Market Opinion (LMO) application form

Source: Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

ESDC updated the LMO application form on December 31, 2013. Old forms will not be accepted.

In progress: Update of the National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Source: Statistics Canada (StatsCan)

StatsCan is currently working on updating the NOC and will be released in 2016 and is currently seeking input until June 2014.

Updated: Canadian Experience Class

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC introduced caps to the number of Canadian Experience Class program applications along with caps within certain occupations. Occupations in national occupational classification (NOC) level B will be limited to 200 per occupation. Also, six occupations (including administrative assistants and cooks) are no longer eligible for this permanent residency program.

Updated: BC Provincial Nominee Program website

Source: BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

BC PNP updated their website and forms and added new features including processing times.

New: Citizens of the Czech Republic now visa-exempt

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

Citizens of the Czech Republic no longer need to apply for temporary resident visas prior to travelling to Canada. As a result, CIC has also closed the Canadian Embassy in Prague. Applications for residents of the Czech Republic will now be processed by the Canadian Embassy in Vienna, Austria.

Coming: new Citizenship Act

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC introduced their new Citizenship Act in Parliament. Changes include a longer qualifying period, more stringent residency rules and expanded language testing.

Coming: Electronic Travel Authorization program

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC announced their intention to introduce an electronic travel authorization program for visa-exempt travellers wishing to travel to Canada by 2015. Other countries (including the U.S. and Australia) have similar programs in place. Travellers would have to be pre-approved for their travel to Canada.

Survey results: Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Source: Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC)

CERC conducted a survey amongst employers seeking feedback on changes to the LMO process. Not surprisingly, most employers felt the changes had a negative impact on their businesses.

Measuring ROI of Immigrants

Source: Conference Board of Canada

The Conference Board looks at investing in immigrants as innovators and how to measure their capacity as contributors to organizations.


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Learning and Sharing

We've been doing our best to keep up with
the latest changes and virtually attending CAPIC's National Education Conference.

Think Ahead

Seminar: Budgets vs Employee Satisfaction

Host: Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC)
Dates: March 5, 2014

This breakfast seminar looks at the difficulties in balancing relocation budgets and employee satisfaction.

Conference: Change Starts Here

Host: BC Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA)
Date: April 15 - 16, 2014

The annual education conference for members and non-members includes great key note speakers, break out sessions and networking opportunities.

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Normal (definition)

adjective: conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected.

synonyms: usual, standard, ordinary, customary, conventional, habital, accustomed, expected.



Think Tank

The New Normal

When life brings about change, positive or negative, big or small, we adapt. It might be a birth, a death, a new or broken relationship, moving homes or a new job. Our routine get re-arranged and things are suddenly unfamiliar again. It's hard to leave behind the old routines, people, or places. We may even spend a bit of time lamenting and remembering the way things were. And then we learn how to adapt, what resources we need, how to re-organize ourselves. It's can be a long journey or can be a quick adjustment. And we may need to lean on people around us for support. Eventually, we accept our new circumstances and it becomes our "new normal".

Things can never go back to the way they were; we have to find our way in our new normal. Thankfully, us humans are good at evolving and are good at helping each other with that change. And when we settle in, we can say that things are "back to normal".

Almost normal,

Principal, Think Relocation Consulting


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